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Bath shower screens, also know as bath screens, prevent water from escaping onto the bathroom floor when you’re having a shower. They come in a range of styles including square, curved, sail and folding bath screens.

Bath screens, sometimes also called shower screens, are essential pieces of kit when you’re installing a new shower over your bath. More modern than a shower curtain, our range comprises screens which fold, slide and swing open, allowing you the flexibility to choose the perfect screen depending on your preferences and bathroom configuration.

Most screens can be installed either to the left or right, and all are made from top quality materials which are made to last. Shower screens are very easy to install, whether you’re fitting them along with a new shower, or as a replacement for an existing screen or curtain. Choose the right style and size of screen for your home – no need to put up with wet floors or sticky shower curtains for one moment longer. We’ve also worked hard to bring you this range at prices which we’re sure you’ll agree represent outstanding value for money.

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